Curriculum Information

The Intent of our curriculum here at St Francis is that pupils are:

Inspired, Creative, Active and Nurtured

I CAN be a successful learner.

This is achieved through a challenging curriculum, underpinned by core Christian values, which provides our pupils with a range of experiences so that their journey through St Francis is successful and happy as at our school every person matters, every person helps, every person succeeds.

Our curriculum is delivered through the teaching of progressive ‘milestones’. These ‘milestones’ are systematically revisited throughout the year groups in order to establish a deeper understanding and maximise the retention of key skills and knowledge, so that children build on prior learning. Teachers at St Francis are committed to planning and delivering lessons, which supports and meet the needs of all of our learners, no matter their starting points. We believe in providing children with inspiring and engaging learning opportunities beyond the classroom, using our unique and special location as a resource with which to apply developing skills within real-life contexts.

We want our children to be curious about the world and we seek to ignite a thirst for knowledge through engaging, inclusive lessons that are differentiated enabling all pupils to make progress academically, socially and spiritually. From this, our Intent at St Francis is that every child experiences a curriculum which will enable them to personally flourish and as they progress into the next stage of their education they have the requisite skills to be successful, independent and motivated learners.
To find out how we are making the curriculum accessible for those with disabilities and special educational needs, please click here to view the Equalities Statement, Accessibility Plan, Racial Equality Policy and the Equality and Diversity Policy in the Key Policies section of our website.  Please also refer to the Inclusion section of the website where you can find an information report detailing how our school identifies, assesses, and makes provision for children with Special educational needs and disabilities.
Whole School Curriculum Overview
Click on the images below for an overview of each topic.
Knowledge organisers can be found on the year group pages, along with half termly newsletters celebrating the work that has been undertaken.
If you require any further information about our curriculum, please contact the school office.
Character Education

Education for character is already integral to the work of many schools, including here at St Francis. It means that schools offer both a rigorous and stretching academic education alongside broad opportunities for wider personal development. This then contributes to forming well-educated and rounded young adults who are ready to take their place in the world. The Department for Education has identified six benchmarks for effective Character Education. These are:

What kind of school are we?

What are our expectations of behaviour towards each other?

How well do our curriculum and teaching develop resilience and confidence?

How good is our co-curriculum?

How well do we promote the value of volunteering and service to others?

How do we ensure that all our pupils benefit equally from what we offer?

On the below document, we have mapped out how we provide opportunities within our curriculum to develop each of these benchmarks and the next steps to further improve this.