Mental Health and Well-Being Information

We also have a new whole school initiative, the ‘5 ways to well-being.’ As part of this we now have a team of well-being champions who represents ‘one of the ways to well-being,‘ through different activities in school.

The five ways to well-being has actually been around since 2008 and was researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation; providing evidence to suggest that these 5 ways to well-being improve mental health and happiness.

As part of this initiative, each team have their own set of roles and responsibilities to take part in across the school week. All the children (except reception) had the opportunity to put themselves forward for one of these roles, which were then voted for by their peers.

We want to encourage our school community to adopt the five ways to improved wellbeing identified by the New Economics Foundation – connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give.

Wellbeing is when you feel good and enjoy your day to day life. The things that we do and the way that we think affects our wellbeing and there are five ways that can help boost this. Each of these actions makes a positive difference to how we feel, being aware of and combining these will make a difference

  1. Connect – with your friends, family, neighbours and people at work. Have a conversation, pass the time of day, make time for that chat
  2. Be Active – find a physical activity that you enjoy, go for a walk, try gardening
  3. Take Notice – take the time to look at the day, the changing seasons. Savour the moment
  4. Keep Learning – try something new whether it’s making a new recipe, fixing the bike or even signing up for a course
  5. Give – smile, do something nice for a friend or neighbour, make some time for others
  6. For each of the 5 to well-being there is a leader and 5 team members and we also have an admin team.

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