Worship and Reflection at Home

As a Church of England school our religious foundations support and challenge pupils to reflect upon, develop and affirm their own beliefs, values and attitudes through an exploration of shared human experience and to understand the place and significance of religion in the contemporary world.

The current Coronavirus crisis provokes challenging questions linked to this but at the same time enables pupils to develop an understanding of respect and sensitivity to others, regardless of religion. There has never been a greater time when we need to hang on to our faith and belief.

Having a worship and reflection page on our website, is therefore, vitally important in enabling children to connect with their faith through prayer. Through both familiar daily prayers from school, to show gratitude for our lives, and to provide a space for your thoughts and feelings as we value those special links between home, school and a faith community. This will be an area to share prayers, and give thanks, for what is going on around us, sharing in a united faith to help us keep strong through these challenging times.
You can listen to our school vicar Reverend Bennett here: Budock Church Services – Rev Geoffrey Bennett
New Street Church
New Street Church have lots of school worship playlists, bible story readings and collective worship videos on their webpage. 
Bible Story Pilates

This is a Pilates routine for children whilst telling a Bible story. This one is the story of Jonah, with some great exercises.
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 You will find lots of resources to help you reflect and create your own prayers below
Please feel free to write your own prayers and send them to us via your child's year group e-mail address and we will add them to this prayer page.

When we care about a friend, we will do all that is within our power to help. Friendship is a commitment that involves developing and practicing the virtues of: trust, faithfulness, reliability, integrity and honesty. A friend listens, helps and forgives.

Prayer for Friendship

You have blessed us, O God,
with the gift of friendship,
the bonding of persons
in a circle of love.
We thank you for such a blessing:
for friends who love us,
who share our sorrows,
who laugh with us in celebration,
who bear our pain,
who need us as we need them,
who weep as we weep,
who hold us when words fail,
and who give us the freedom
to be ourselves.
Bless our friends with health,
wholeness, life, and love.


You may want to try to create a Labyrinth. For more information click below.