Year 5

In Year 5 the teachers are Mrs Badger (Class K – Koalas) and Miss Harris (Class L – Pandas).


Mrs Beard (Class K) and Mrs Federici (Class L) are the teaching assistants in this team.


Year 5 follow a Read Write Inc spelling programme, practising spelling rules on a regular basis.  The children are periodically tested on these words.  Please refer to the Homework Policy and the Curriculum page for more information.

Mrs Laura Badger

Year 5 Teacher (Koalas)

Maths Team

Mrs Nikola Beard

Teaching Assistant (Koalas)

Miss Steff Harris

Year 5 Teacher (Pandas)

History Lead
Deputy E-Safety Lead

Mrs Laura Federici

Teaching Assistant (Pandas)

If you have any questions about Year Five, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Please see the Curriculum pages of our website for more information on subjects and the topics we will be exploring.
The key knowledge organisers for the 1st half of the Autumn term are:
Below is an overview of what Year 5 have learnt in Autumn Term 1
The key knowledge organisers for the 2nd half of the Autumn term are: